We'll be adding more information here as we find out about the various winners throughout the 2021 Richmond Hill Winter Carnival, #RHVirtualCarnival. Our apologies for any name misspellings.

To collect a prize, call us on our Hotline, (905) 884-8887, and leave a detailed message. Or use our Contact Us form to let us know your name, number, and email address, as well as which contest you won.

Broken Bird Feeder Contest

Congratulations to our #RHVirtualCarnival Broken Birdfeeder Contest Winners - Anne-Marie D, Ellin B and Shelley G!

Colouring Contest

Congratulations to our JK, SK, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 Colouring Contest winners!

A big Thank You to all the students (and their parents!) that entered this years #RHVirtualCarnival Colouring Contest, as well as to all the schools that participated.

Junior Kindergarten

  • Krista L (HG Bernard PS)
  • Lennon M (Richland Academy)
  • Joshua (Oak Ridges PS)
  • Kaiwen J (Silver Pines PS)

Senior Kindergarten

  • Arshan B (Silver Pines PS)
  • Kaiden C (MacLeods Landing PS)
  • Jacqueline N (Doncrest PS)
  • Liam G (St. Maruerite d'Youville CES)

Grade 1

  • Vedika H (Pleasantville PS)
  • Olivia (Michaëlle Jean PS)
  • Chenshu S (Father Frederick McGinn CES)
  • Joseph (St. Mary Immaculate CES)

Grade 2

  • Ryan C (Richland Academy)
  • Morgan B (Pleasantville PS)
  • Sarine M (Father Frederick McGinn CES)
  • Zeeyana N (Bond Lake PS)

Grade 3

  • Olivia F (St. Charles Garnier CES)
  • Rosha N (Michaëlle Jean PS)
  • Kylie S (Charles Howitt PS)
  • Grace B (Lake Wilcox PS)
Super Easy Contest

Congratulations to Liz C! She has won free coffee for a year, compliments of Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners of Richmond Hill.