We'll be adding more information here as we find out about the various winners throughout the 2024 Richmond Hill Winter Carnival. Our apologies for any name misspellings.

To collect a prize, call us on our Hotline, (905) 884-8887, and leave a detailed message. Or use our Contact Us form to let us know your name, number, and email address, as well as which contest you won.

Carnival Button Draw

Congratulations to our button winners!

Prizes must be claimed by March 31, 2024.

Button #Prize
01262Two Night Stay at the Royal Harbour Resort in Thornbury
01301Classic Wooden Sleigh
01007Pair of Snow Shoes
02099.Snow Tube
Colouring Contest

All certificiates and prizes will be delivered to the students respective schools, or the winner will be directly contacted via their submitted phone number, from February 5 through February 16, 2023.

JKLucas K, St. Charles Garnier
Jacob G, St. Charles Garnier
Lilith, Charles Howitt
Saman KL, St. Charles Garnier
SKLeon T, Pleasantville
Matias, St. Charles Garnier
Ilana D, St. Charles Garnier
Aveline X, St. Mary Immaculate
Grade 1Liam Y, Adrienne Clarkson
Rena Ng, Ross Doan
Cassidy L, Adrienne Clarkson
Charlie, Adrienne Clarkson
Grade 2Brady T, Pleasantville
Mark G, Michaëlle Jean
Safa M, EVS (Virtual School)
Grade 3Maddi, Windham Ridge
Sydney, Adrienne Clarkson
Kaaytlin L, Christ The King
Grade 6Logan, K Christ The King
(Honourable mention)