About Carnival

Our mission statement:

The Richmond Hill Winter Carnival is a weekend of affordable fun and entertainment organized by volunteers to celebrate the community of Richmond Hill in a welcoming atmosphere.

The Richmond Hill Winter Carnival comes about as a result of community effort. The event is organized and planned by a group of volunteers (we call ourselves the Richmond Hill Winter Carnival Committee).

elementaryHockeyOur mandate is to organize a community party with events to appeal to residents of all ages – from Tots to Grandparents. We work hard to achieve this in the form of a first class event that is affordable for families.

We’re very proud of what we put together – but we recognize that we would be entirely unable to achieve these objectives without the generous support from our community businesses, volunteer organizations, Town Departments, and even individuals.

We hope you will scan our lists of contributors and remember their contributions to the Winter Carnival in your day-to-day dealings.

If you need to contact the Richmond Hill Winter Carnival, you can do so via (905) 884-8887.