We'll be adding more information here as we find out about the various winners throughout the 2023 Richmond Hill Winter Carnival, #RHVirtualCarnival. Our apologies for any name misspellings.

To collect a prize, call us on our Hotline, (905) 884-8887, and leave a detailed message. Or use our Contact Us form to let us know your name, number, and email address, as well as which contest you won.

Carnival Button Draw

01748: Classic Wooden Sleigh

02047: Pair of Snow Shoes

01353: Snow Tube

Colouring Contest

All certificiates and prizes will be delivered to the students respective schools from February 13 through February 17, 2023.

Junior Kindergarten

  • Aveline X, St. Mary Imaculate CES

Senior Kindergarten

  • Saunak S, Moraine Hills PS
  • Kenneth V, O.M. MacKillop PS

Grade 1

  • Dominic O, Red Maple PS
  • Edan C, Red Maple PS
  • Barsin F, Red Maple PS
  • Jian K, Red Maple PS
  • Ayah A, Windham Ridge PS
  • Makayla Y, Windham Ridge PS
  • Sabrina W, Windham Ridge PS
  • Daynal A, Windham Ridge, PS
  • Baraan, Windam Ridge, PS
  • Meghan C, Windham Ridge PS
  • Amelia L, Windham Ridge PS
  • Leen S, Windham Ridge PS
  • Kaitlyn Z, Windham Ridge PS
  • Ava F, Windham Ridge PS
  • Dear, Windham Ridge PS
  • Dhnilhl, Windham Ridge PS
  • Emily W, Windham Ridge PS
  • Ester L, Windham Ridge PS
  • Lev, Windham Ridge PS
  • Jason W, Windham Ridge PS
  • Arian, Windham Ridge PS
  • Abby, Windham Ridge PS
  • Rostin, Windham Ridge PS
  • Emmett, Windham Ridge PS
  • Ava R, Windham Ridge PS

Grade 2

  • Sydney C, Adrienne Clarkson PS

Grade 3

  • Ameen A, Oak Ridges PS
  • Aanya, Bayview Hill ES
  • Agnes C, Bond Lake PS
  • Meghan R, St. Marguerite d'Youville
  • Charlotte S, St. Mary Immaculate CES
  • Arshida M, Crosby Heights PS
Elementary School Hockey Tournament

Congratulations to the winning teams!

Junior Teams

  • Gold: Father Frederick McGinn
  • Silver: Our Lady of Annunciation CES

Senior Teams

  • Gold: Our Lady of Hope CES
  • Silver: Father Frederick McGinn
Wing Eating Contest

The winner of the Wing Eating Contest is Pavlos!