Bed Races!

It’s kind of crazy, but a whole lot of fun. What is it? Bed Races!

With your team of five – four to push the big metal bed frame on the ice and one to ride it – race against other teams to see who’s the fastest at moving these crazy things across the ice! We suggest having your lightest member be the rider.

And, like last year, you can have five minutes to decorate the metal frame with something like a team banner.  Nothing too elaborate, though.  You’ll need to un-decorate it after you race, so it’s ready for another team.

Races start at 2 pm on Saturday, February 4th, 2017. They races are on, ice or not! Listen for announcements from the Stage. The Bed Races alternate location is Wood Lane, just in case the ice isn’t quite ready.

Registration Is No Longer Open