Amateur Band Contest

Whether you’ve been to the Carnival before, we’re sure you want the details before entering the Amateur Band Contest!  So here they are:

The band contest starts on Carnival Friday at 7 pm on the stage. Five bands will be playing a maximum of 20 minutes or 4 songs each. Usually after this short set the competing bands are eager to leave the stage and warm up. The playing order will be determined closer to the event.

The bands will be competing for a Cosmo Music gift card.

The stage is outdoors and open to the elements. It is sheltered and does have heaters to warm your hands between songs, but don’t expect it to be warm. Playing in the great outdoors in winter is an experience. We generally don’t have any problems with instruments/equipment not working properly due to the cold.

What does Carnival provide? We provide the a full P.A. system to connect the bands. We mic all instruments. To make the transition between bands faster we provide a five piece drum kit for all bands to use. The faster transition helps to maintain the crowd. If your drummer would feel more comfortable bringing their own snare, we can accommodate that. We provide a bass amp to share because they’re large and difficult to carry.

What does the band need to bring? Guitar players need their guitars, and usually their amp and pedals to get ‘their’ sound. The drummer must bring sticks. We have microphones for all vocalists. Anyone playing the keyboard needs to bring it.

When it’s your band’s turn to play you’ll quickly set up your gear and we’ll connect you to the PA. We’ll run through all inputs (vocals, guitars, drums, etc), set a rough level, and then you’ll be introduced and start to play. During the first song I’ll get your mix down. It’s a little rushed, but it has to be have five bands play before 9:30 pm.

If the band uses any profanity, they are disqualified.

If you have any more questions – please email me.

Thanks for your interest in the Carnival,